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Dental Clinic


A healthy mouth is an important part of good health. The dental examination, performed by the dentist, allows the prevention and detection of oral problems at an early stage. There are 2 types of examinations:

  • The complete examination: usually done at your first visit. We recommend to do it every 3 years.
  • The recall exam: recommended every 6 months but depending on your condition, the dentist may suggest another frequency.

The dental examination is often done during the cleaning of your teeth by the dental hygienist.

Dental Clinic

Implants Placement

At Bédard Couture, we offer you durable and effective solutions for partial or complete edentulousness. A treatment plan with different personalized options will be presented to you according to your case :

  • Fixed crown on single implant
  • Fixed bridge on several implants
  • Complete removable prosthesis on implants (with or without bar)
  • Complete fixed prosthesis on implants
  • We carry out all stages of the treatment plan right here at the clinic, from the fixation of the implant (s), to the placement of the prosthesis.
Dental Clinic

dental whitening with the Zoom

This treatment is carried out in the clinic in a single visit by our dental professionals. Before treatment begins, your gums and adjacent tissues will be isolated and protected so that the process is safe. The whitening product composed of hydrogen peroxide will then be directly applied to your teeth and finally activated by a light. The results are remarkable from the first minutes. The exposure time varies between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the need. At the end of the treatment, we will give you your aligners which have been custom-made from the impression of your teeth. Syringes containing a whitening gel are also included to finalize the treatment at home.