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Operative dentistry

Operative (or restorative) dentistry is an intervention that consists of repairing a tooth damaged by tooth decay or by trauma. During the dental examination, your dentist will not only screen for cavities but also check the condition of your existing fillings. If your dentist notices that your fillings are worn or fractured, your dentist may suggest that you replace them.

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Usually done in one appointment, a filling is a way to restore or repair a decayed or damaged tooth by restoring its function and a normal shape.

At Bédard Couture Dentaire d'Urgence, we use various types of materials to restore a tooth: composite, amalgam and ceramic. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your dentist to make an informed choice, depending on your oral condition

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The dental veneers are thin porcelain shells or composite that are deposited on the exposed surface of the teeth for the purpose of correcting its imperfections. At Anjou Dental Center, we can, in one or 2 sessions depending on the case, embellish the appearance of your smile in a significant and lasting way.

Dental veneers are a good solution to camouflage or correct some unsightly tooth problems.

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Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment consists of removing the infected, damaged or necrotic pulp from the tooth, using instruments and disinfectants. Also called devitalization, this process preserves the tooth and avoids extraction. Root canal treatment has a relatively high success rate. This procedure may require one to several visits to the dentist. Depending on the complexity of the case, the patient is sometimes referred to a specialist (an endodontist) to carry out the treatment.

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A gum graft is a surgical procedure that allows the dentist to correct the existing loosening by adding gum to cover the exposed root of the tooth, and thus prevent any future loosening. Gum transplantation is often indicated when the teeth have receding gums or a lack of attached gum tissue. It is a simple and efficient process carried out in a dental clinic.

Two types of transplant exist: autogenous and allogenic . The goal of any gum graft is to thicken the attached gum tissue and, if possible, cover the exposed root of the tooth in question.